2016-01-19 02:11:30
Bubblez04: Mimee, where are you??
2014-09-10 01:22:26
mimee: Ohhh...the memories & beautiful friendships made.
2014-09-10 01:21:32
mimee: Hello
2012-05-16 11:51:42
Bubblez04: I deleted for ya Kylie!! Only took me a year to figure out how to do it!! lmao
2011-05-04 12:49:51
jakejembran: Gosh that pic of Bree is pretty old news now! She has popped her little bundle out! Once again Congratulations to Bree on the addition to your family!
2011-04-20 09:05:11
mimee: 'Bundles'celebrates it's 4th Birthday on the 12th May.Don't forget to pop in & say hello!
2011-04-19 03:23:16
mimee: Easter recipes added!!Happy Baking!!!
2011-02-14 10:47:18
mimee: Are you trying to conceive? Conceive tonight and your baby may be born on the lucky date of 11/11/11!
2011-02-14 10:17:23
2011-02-12 09:56:19
mimee: Anyone wanna chat???Missing everyone!
2011-01-26 03:40:14
mimee: Happy Australia Day!!!
2011-01-11 12:01:05
mimee: Thinking of all our Brisbane/Queensland members who are effected by these devastating floods.Hope you are all safe & please take care! Please let us know you are OK!!! xxx
2011-01-09 09:23:17
mimee: Happy Birthday *~4GreatKids~* !!!
2011-01-05 03:35:18
mimee: Happy Birthday Cheeky!!!
2011-01-01 05:49:30
larissa: Happy New year!!!
2011-01-01 12:18:58
mimee: I was here on the...1.1.11!!! Hap pyNew Year for 2011!!
2010-10-24 12:50:14
jakejembran: sorry just relised i spelt his name wrong - Jaimie
2010-10-24 12:49:26
jakejembran: Congrartulations Kellie on the arrival of baby Jamie
2010-10-08 10:28:00
mimee: Thanks kazy for your well wishes!xxx
2010-10-08 07:52:19
kazy: Best wishes and much love to mimee for sunday!!! xoxo
2010-09-28 09:58:28
jakejembran: Congrats to Bubblez04 on the safe arrival of her princess
2010-09-24 10:38:13
jakejembran: Congratulations Tarz now it's your turn Bubblez04
2010-09-20 04:48:55
leimay: Cade has been given the all clear from the paediatrician, no more appointments now and we can start living like a normal family... mummy can have coffee again lol!
2010-09-02 02:12:41
Cheeky: Ok they have gone now...
2010-08-25 06:36:20
Cheeky: what is with the warnings on the tops of the page and in here???
2010-08-08 07:57:17
jakejembran: Well being friday the 13th don't walk under any ladders, don't cross a black cats path or do anything else that is considered bad luck!
2010-08-08 02:48:29
leimay: Thanks Kylie... all is going well with Cade now, one more appointment and they are hopeful we can stop going to the hospital and just do the normal checks with the community health nurse like the blue book says to Just have to get through the next appt on Fri 13th with good weight gain
2010-08-06 10:39:53
jakejembran: Good Luck with Cade's appointment today Leimay!
2010-07-28 04:59:05
Cheeky: That's ok Sparkle I think we have all been a little busy one way or another. Nice to see you back
2010-07-22 11:10:17
Sparkle: Sorry I haven't been on much - want to get my posts up again - too busy playing bloody games on FB But I'm back now
2010-07-21 08:07:17
jakejembran: Thanks Ladies!
2010-07-16 05:11:17
Cheeky: So do I...fingers crossed they do something for her quickly!!!
2010-07-16 03:37:21
Bubblez04: Hope all is okay with Kylie! Thinking of you.
2010-07-10 06:06:44
Bubblez04: All went well with scan! It was just for fun & oh my she did perform well!
2010-07-10 12:36:31
mimee: Good luck with your scan Bubblez04!!!Can't wait to see the pics!!How exciting!!!
2010-07-10 12:25:44
Bubblez04: 4D scan in 1.5 hrs!! Eeeekkk!
2010-07-08 11:16:22
mimee: I'm out & about tommorrow.Will catch up with you all later in the day!!!
2010-07-06 02:55:00
Cheeky: Oh Larissa hope you can remember it soon. Hope you ad your family are well
2010-07-02 06:24:52
Babylicious36: Welcome to the world Cade!!!
2010-07-02 09:40:15
leimay: Well bye ladies will post pics as soon as i am able, about to walk out of the house to drop the kids off and make our way to the hospital. Enjoy your weekend
2010-06-29 08:46:19
larissa: Hi all i forgot my pass word again so iv been locked out for 3 weeks lol hope you are all well xox
2010-06-15 04:17:22
Cheeky: Getting closer to Mimee now
2010-05-27 12:08:12
leimay: i didn't try it, but hubby and the kids liked the yogo even if i did stuff it up and it didn't thicken. Smelt right though, will have to make another batch this week for them.
2010-05-20 10:42:00
*~4GreatKids~*: Ive made the yogo...its yummmo did you thinks so Leimay
2010-05-12 01:19:53
mimee: Happy '3rd' Birthday...Bundles!! !!
2010-05-07 12:37:45
leimay: Anyone interested in a home made choc yogo recipe?? Apparently it is just as good as the real thing... i'm planning on making it tonight so will let you know how the kids think tomorrow after they have tried it
2010-05-04 01:44:45
mimee: Update from me with pics!!!
2010-05-04 10:20:20
mimee: Clean up of non posting members!!If you are a new member...please introduce yourself!Spam will not be tolerated!!!
2010-04-14 06:45:24
mimee: Thanks leimay...all is well!!
2010-04-14 06:44:52
mimee: Fat chance about forgetting the wedding, cheeky!!I waited so long that I'm not about to back down now!!!Hahahaha!!